Saturday, November 14, 2009

Zenocide - Zenocide (2009)

Its sludge guys! The same dirty, muddy , mind fuckin sludge we all love. Its not another of those atmospheric sludge/post metal shit that I would rather label as elevator music. Its hateful, raw, filthy and the way it is meant to be played.

Its from Japan (you see , AGAIN! Whats with these Japs and all the awesome music?). This album is absolutely minimalistic, The guitars are lying hidden in the background while vocals and drums do the talking. The vocals are some of the best (hell, It may even be the best) I have heard in the genre. The guy is screaming his lungs out (Remember Fleshpress or Accept Death?? This one's better!). The riffs are sludgy and dirty. There is constant horrifuing aura created by crashing cymbals and loud snareshots.

Feel The Hatred!

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