Monday, November 16, 2009

Orodruin - Epicurean Mass

Orodruin’s first full length album, Epicurean Mass, blends together the finest of the almighty Cathedral and Saint Vitus coupled with their own sparky chic to create a superb and solid album which is both sluggish and smooth, as much as it is eerie and heavy. Here you’ll find the guitars tweaked down to stumps that sound like a volcano churning out lava or some chainsaw fiend put on overdrive, thrusting and prodding itself against your speakers to suffocate you with its doom goodness. It’s tuned down low, to put it simply. The vocals are crispy, no bullshit, with a lot of harmonies. Brilliant riffs are found in every song along with your reliable psychedelic parts scattered about to make a fun listening experience. Combine this with its dismal lyrics, and Orodruin’s songs present this deep crater devoid of any light or spirit. So it’s some gloomy shit, but it works, so be it! The best part about listening to Epicurean Mass is hearing Orodruin flirt with tempos creating roller coaster ride of tunes. Take “Burning the Witch” for example, which is fairly upbeat and bubbly in the beginning, then decelerates sharply only a minute into it. Once the vocals kick in, it starts getting painfully slow. The song is divided by some feedback and then picks up again for a solo only to bring us right back to the beginning riff.

Reviving old school

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