Friday, November 13, 2009

Paul Chain - In The Darkness

The first full-length album by PAUL CHAIN's early solo band, Violet Theater, "In The Darkness" is a great indicator of the kind of versatility PAUL would show as not only a musician but a songwriter in the years to come. From the opening, understated "Welcome To My Hell" (a bit reminiscent of "Moving Pictures"-era Rush) to the electronic head-expanders of "Meat" & "Murder" to the blasting post-Vitus doom-rock of "Mortuary Hearse," this is as dark & powerful an album as one could dare ask for. As an aside, take a close listen to the main riff in the title cut and then pull out Sabbath's "Eternal Idol," released a year later.
Hmmm....Think Iommi is a closet PAUL CHAIN fan?

Welcome To My Hell

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