Saturday, November 14, 2009

dot(.) / Fleshpress - dot(.) / Fleshpress

Dot (.) starts off this split with a nice groove and an ungodly amount of distortion and feedback. For the most part the song revolves around 2 or so satisfying and heavy riffs, beyond that there's the usual screaming vocals which make there appearances throughout the dirge. A good track, solid sludge.

Being Fleshpress' third release we see them retaining the more typical sludge sound. The split transitions nicely, as Fleshpress' effort picks up with a nice bluesy riff as well. After about forty seconds of a mid-paced sludge groove, the song digresses into the slow quarter note sections that have become a main-stay in Fleshpress' arsenal. Ever changing drumming, fun little vibratos, and solid vocals keep this interesting and enjoyable until a pretty rad solo breaks out around 2:30. The song jumps back from a little break of just feedback to the same 'ol groove.


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