Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cold Mourning - Lower Than Low

I haven't seen this little gem posted anywhere else on the internet, so this should be a treat to a good lot of you.
Cold Mourning formed in 1989 in Monterey, California. Over the span of their career they released two demos and multiple splits before finally recording this, their sole full-length album in 2000.
They haven't been heard from since.

Anyway, their music is bleak and desolate, a style of traditional doom metal that lends obvious nods to Forest of Equilibrium/Soul Sacrifice-era Cathedral, with sprinkles of impressive guitarwork courtesy of Angelo Tringali who currently plays in The Lord Weird Slough Feg.

Also, there's a Discharge cover.



  1. I still have an old demo of Cold Mourning but lost the tape someone made me of this cd, thanks for posting it! They are still together it seems and released a new track on a compilation recently. I haven't heard it yet, but there were some posts about it on Hellride message board. Apparently some different line up as well.

  2. Very hard to find... many thanks !