Monday, November 16, 2009

Dystopia / Skaven - Blessed are The Worms.....For They Shall Inherit This Barren Dirt!

Oh, where should I start? I am lost in complete amazement. Dystopia is a band we have heard of but how Skaven slipped under the radar I have no idea.

This split between these crust masters is simply amazing, and when you have a band, which is named Dystopia being out performed you know tat you have something very very special and very very rare in your hands.

The Dystopia side is chaos riddled, aggressive, filled with hate as usual (boy did their childhood suck).

The Skaven side with the obnoxious, in your face crust attitude, riff cannons, judgmental vocals, amazing build ups into brutal assaults and amazing atmosphere with tinges of death metal makes for an astonishingly brutal slice of crusty metallic doom.

This unfeasibly heavy split EP brings together two of the more misanthropically destructive bands in recent memory. If heavy means anything what so ever to you, then do not miss this under any circumstances.

Feel the fucking hatred


  1. musica que atenta contra la sanidad mental... como me gusta. gracias, muchas gracias!

  2. Please reupload..Please