Friday, November 13, 2009

Paul Chain - Park Of Reason

Imagine how Tony Iommi might play his heart out if his mother had just died slowly of a horrible disease and you might come close to this. Dave Chandler is certainly a master of psychedelic guitar freakouts, but Paul Chain really captures the Iommi tone and wah-wah character almost perfectly, while playing with a distinct style that is all melancholy and anguish.
For anyone who ever though PAUL CHAIN lost his heavy touch in later years, get ready to be pulverized by this monster from just a few years ago. As with "Life & Death," "Park..." sees PAUL alternating bizarre spacey landscapes like "8 String Sweep" with mammoth metallic crushers "Solitude Man" & the mauling "Sanctuary Heve." Especially interesting is the concluding 15-minute psych explosion of "Logical Slow Evolution / ....In Time." In this one, 2 completely different tracks are recorded in the left & right channels. They can be listened to either isolated in mono or blended together with the balance in the middle for a truly
other-worldly experience. Wildly, the insert booklet actually explains this, including a drawing of a balance control for the listener's convenience!
This is certainly not something you listen to casually, slap on at a party or play a song or two from before going out to the bar. You listen to this in a state of seclusion, without distractions, and possibly with the aide of your favourite psychotropic substance. Keep your mental pathways open and perhaps you will feel a connection forming between you and a man who's art is certainly one of the most challenging and individualistic in all of metal, as well as one of its best-kept secrets.

Part 1

Part 2

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