Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sea Of Thousand - The Church Of Total Collapse

Everything is bigger in Texas they say. The talent sure is. This sludge \ doom band that is now inactive released this and one demo before calling it quits.

After a laughable first track with ridiculous vocals, the band tightens the screw throughout the entire alum. Mainly inspired by old school sludge, the band attempts to recreate the same filthy sludge and manages to. Their fusion of old school with new school interested me, with some moments like on the track, "Marching On Its Stomach" containing elements that are a definite thowback to modern post rock found in Cult Of Luna's brand of music.Tons of variations, some times too many are the way for this band. One thing however is confirmed by this band's penchant of experimentation is that the listener never gets bored. The vocals are varied from growls to screams to spoken words and so are the song structured with tracks teethering from 90 seconds long to almost the six minute mark.

This band had tons of talent, but were too young to control and channel it in the right path, something they probably would have achieved if they had decided to stay togethor because amidst all that experimentation they would sooner or later find 'their thing'.


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