Saturday, November 14, 2009

Atavist - 31:38

The band's first release, a demo. The release that got the band a record deal. One track, any guesses on how long it is ?

It was later featured on the band's debut self titled LP. One of the cool things about Atavist is that they're not afraid to do some different stuff. Whether that means occaisonally rocking out with a faster, more stoner rock-y riff, or dropping in some melodic, atmospheric touches in the songs, Atavist should keep most people interested. Witness the propulsive riff early on, and just when you're getting your sludge on, these krazy dudes drop in a post-metal build up that catches you off guard. Or, the delicate melodic guitars that take up the first few minutes of the second song. To me, it seems that Atavist dislike super long sludge songs, so that's why they break them up with a ton of other stuff, whether it be melodic if sludgy riffs, or some relatively fast paced riffs. It's like this track consists of many different track that merge into each other effortlessly, instead of the same riff or set of riffs being deployed over and over again.

Of course, that's not to say that Atavist can't deploy the super distorted, 2 BPM sludge, so down tuned that the guitars need a change of strings after every track and the listener (and people around them) a new set of eardrums . That's what most of the album is about, basically. And damn, does it pack a punch- super distorted guitars, some of the most low tuned bass you've ever heard, all wrapped up in a super thick production with some great growled vocals over the top.

These guys are pretty much like the Esoteric of sludge, with so many things going on, so much variation and experimentation, yet things fall into place and move along in a smooth flow.

Let The Beatings Begin

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