Monday, November 16, 2009

Skaven - Flowers of Flesh and Blood/Severed

"Skaven are a race of ratlike humanoids in the famous fantasy RPG/miniatures wargame Warhammer."
What an awesome name to have for a band.

The eponymous ep was recorded in 1996 and delivers two tracks of dark emotional crust and my friends is Skaven at their very best. It was released by Misanthopic Records with Noah of Neurosis as producer.The lyrical content reproduces the horror of haunting cover artwork:"Walk with me through the valley of broken dreams, and hopes are crushed by madness and pain,You inflict as you turn the key to unlock a world of shit and greed". No any occult stuff here. Each tracks is about seven minutes long and delivers a blending of Axegrinder, Deviated Instinct, early Neurosis and the likes . The record is a kind of concept since both tracks are connected with the same bassdriven acoustic melody ("Severed" outro is "Flowers..." intro), each side of vinyl is named "Cocoon" and "Moth" side.

Is this heavy you ask ? I think it's time I told you a story. Skaven has two bassists. Moral ? The band is heavy as hell.

Also there is this line on the band's MA page - "Skaven broke up in 1997. There are plans to release a discography CD." And what does the band say a month back on their MySpace ?- "I really appreciate all the influence and credit for that we have been given by people. I LOVE THE PUNKS! I WILL HAVE A DISCOGRAPHY FOR YOU IN THE NEXT YEAR! It's just money and I have to split my time between the DemonSteed release and all my normal life shit. Hell back when Skaven road havoc our lives were much simpler. THANKS AGAIN, UP THE PUNKS, UP THE IRONS, AND NEVER LET THE BASTARDS GRIND YA DOWN!
Cheers, Zebediah".

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  1. Hey, thanks for this!
    Do you know the guitar tab for "Flowers of flesh and blood"? THanks!