Monday, November 23, 2009

Haarp - 2009 EP

How rarely it happens, that you stumble across a picture of the band that describes it's music rather than being just a picture. Haarp, a band similar to NOLA in some ways released, the 2009 E.P., with the same lineup, has a harsher guitar sound and adds the bass guitar fuzz more typical of the genre, as well as nearly doubles the track times as compared to their demo. The shortest track being over seven minutes, and the album feels more like a a mental asylum, a man, the epitome the insanity locked in a cage, superbly angry and unable to control it, trying to scream his lungs out at the desperation and sheer unimaginable hate for the world and the lives of the people which it supports, rather than a collection of songs.
The tracks have a lot of variations, sometimes sounding like a fuzzed out stoner record, to a mellow and moody section to the lost tracks of some Bay Area Thrash band. The compositional skills have increased manifold on this release, as compared to the one 2 years back. This band will go somewhere in it's life, and they seem to have found the way.

Mons Sermo Incendia, is simply superb.

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