Thursday, November 19, 2009

Heathendom - Heathendom

This is the demo that eventually lead the band to a record deal, through which they released their debut LP last year.

Their brand and style of music hasn't changed much, with their music still being a combination of King Diamond-esque heavy metal and Solitude Aeturnus \ Candlemass style epic doom metal. This demo seems particularly influenced by the likes of Lief Edling with keyboards, acoustic guitars, chants and long interludes being the call of the day.The vocals are strong and the axe-work particularly good, especially on the last track.

Production wise, this album is great, almost as good as a studio recording. This however misses to leave as much of an impact on the listener as much as Neiscience did. If you're new to this band I'd recommend their debut LP. Only die hard fans of new school doom and this band ought to give it a try.

Give it a shot

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