Monday, November 30, 2009

And before November's Doom....

... lay the brickwork for a real good death doom band. Laceration. Paul Kuhr III, Steve Nicholson and Jim Dobleski who are now know better known in cult circles for their work in November's Doom formed first under the name of Laceraion. They made 3 releases under this name. 2 demos (Scabs and The Way of All Flesh) and a sole EP (Ripping Avulsion). Unsurprisingly they released this with Gutted Records, known in cult circles for releasing other stuff such as Symphony Of Grief etc.

Everything you hear and see about the band, the name, the release titles and the band pic till now makes you believe that they played doom death the brutal way, but in fact they played some of the most beautiful, well crafted and emotional filled death doom metal I've ever heard, with slow prodding riffs, deep growled vocals, a think guitar tone, at times mixed with the acoustic guitars. Unlike a lot of other Death Doom bands, Laceration focus more on creating a very depressive atmosphere, and they do this very well.

Laceration - Scabs (Demo)

Laceration - Ripping Avulsion EP

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