Friday, February 12, 2010

Womb - 1995 - Demo

Slightly sludgy, Womb has that early death/doom sound, typically associated with bands such as Winter and diSEMBOWELMENT. It should also be noted, that they used no guitars, opting for two bassists, instead.


Winter Of Discontent - 1995 - Demo

Heavy as fuck doom in the vein of diSEMBOWELMENT from US.


Nigro Mantia - 1984 - Poetry of Subculture

Danish Doom Metal.


Symphony of Grief - Discography

Extremely slow and heavy doom/death in the vein of diSEMBOWELMENT. The music is extremely filthy and the tracks often start out with a short, but intense burst of death metal. Interresting for all fans of extreme doom. The lyrics include both occult stuff and gore. For fans of Necro Schizma.


Funeral Circle - 2009 - Sinister Sacrilege

FUNERAL CIRCLE was formed in 2006 by the strange wizards PILGRIM and HERETIC with intent to seduce virgins and perform weird sacrifices in the depths of Vancouver. They evoked the cultists BLACKTHORNE and PATRIARCH to channel their black spells of thunder and lightning. Upon the departure of HERETIC in 2007, the LORD SADDLER and the GRAND INQUISITOR were beckoned to complete the circle and chant their incantations. Growing weary of destroying false metal, LORD SADDLER left later that year, and the GRAND INQUISITOR summoned his magick axe. In 2008, a cryptic demo was released on tape - limited to 100 copies. BLACKTHORNE was burned at the stake by MALPHAS, the wicked Priest, and replaced him subsequently. In the Year of the Ox, FUNERAL CIRCLE performed their most recent ritual - SINISTER SACRILEGE - soon to be released by the Miskatonic Foundation.


Count Raven - 1981 - Rehearsale

Recorded as Stormvarning. No info whatsoever, includes three untitled tracks.



Church of Misery (USA) - Sorrows of the Moon

Side project of Stevo from Impetigo. Changed name to Insomnia.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Wizards of Doom - Wizards of Doom

Wizards of Doom Bio: New Danish Doom masters: WIZARDS OF DOOM. In 1991 lead-vocalist Thomas A.G. Jensen started looking for people to start a death-metal band. He hooked up with bass-player Brian Hansen who was also looking for people for the same act. After a few months the band (at that time called "Asesino") was joined by a drummer and guitarist. In 1992 the drummer was replaced and guitarist Kim (KS) entered the band. In the following year a number of musicians entered and left the band. In 1993 the people of Asesino were Thomas A.G. Jensen (vocal), Brian Hansen (bass), Christian Brenner (guitar), Pouli Choir (drums), KS (guitar). The band played at a metal-competition (Judgment Day) in BarBue (Huset, Copenhagen) and ended up second out of eight bands. Shortly after the band split up and Thomas, Brian and KS found a new drummer, Jesper Saltoft. A month later KS left the band and guitarist Mikkel Andersen joined in. It would not be long after Mikkel joined the band that a keyboard player was found, his name Anders Ro Nielsen. At this time the name "Asesino" was changed to Saturnus. Now many years later, it's time to bring back the roots in a new age and form...Asesino it was, but now it's doom !!! In 2007 the band was working with material hoping for some live gigs and response. Shortly after, the band was booked localy in Copenhagen as support for bands like: Memfis(SE), Saturnus(DK), Mourning Beloved (IRE), Akoma(DK), End My Sorrow(DK) At the first show the Drummer Jesse Haff of Daylight Dies traveld from Raleigh, North Carolina (USA) to see the show and made a video clip that can be seen at the Wizards of Doom myspace page under videos. In 2008 the guys joined up and made a pure doom Demo and Played shortly after at Dutch Doom Days in Rotterdam Holland!!! In 2009 the band are working on new material and upcoming gigs. KEEP DOOMING!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Argentum - Mega Post!

Argentum are a black/death/doom metal band from Mexico. Any avid metal fan who searches his metal vigorously on metal archives must be familiar with "drowned" guy on that site. While, I do agree that I dont go by metal archives reviews, but there are certain users that happen to rate music judiciously and give appropriate scores to the albums on that site. So, dont be surprsed if you see "The 3rd and the Mortal" getting a high average ratings on that site and Asphyx's "The Rack" lagging behind with 75 percent of average scores. Enough of metal-archives talk, lets get down to the real deal. The "Drowned" fella seems to be engrossed in old school death metal and death/doom. Half of the obscurities of the early 90s and late 80s have been added by him. So it was pretty genuine for me to check some of his reviews out. It happened that there was only one album rated with a 100 per cent. What did you expect? diSEMBOWELMENT or Convulse or Winter? Nah, It was Argentum's debut "Ad Interitum Funebrarum". Frankly speaking, that was the only motive behind getting that album because the RYM ratings are rather disappointing for that album. I gave the albums a few listens, and forgot about it and it baffled me why this album was rated so high by that guy? Yesterday, I went to jog and decided to give this album a spin on my ipod. Canalophones do come in handy if you want to fully appreciate the beauty of a rather underproduced album. Bull's eye! It was a chilly and a foggy winter morning and the album worked like a wonder. I couldnt believe that this was the same band I had decided to snub a couple of months earlier.

This album has everything I love to hear in a doom metal record. Sinister use of growls and high pitched howlings, extremely downtuned riffs constantly buzzing in the background, and a thick bass supporting the scary instrumentation. Some of you guys know my love for bands like Faustcoven and Dark Prophecies, But this is beyond everything. The keyboards create a dark atmosphere and are masterfully used here. The second album is equally good with better production but little weaker in songwriting and is way too short and leaves you gasping for more. The two demos are raw and contain faster sections more in the vein of Bathory and early Celtic Frost.

Ad Interitum Funebrarum @ 320 Kbps
Mediafire Guys

Stigma Mortuorum @ Mediafire
The two demos

Mater Misericordiae 1993

Exothaernium 1994

Friday, January 22, 2010

Seamount - Light II Truth

During their first album this four-piece played heavy/traditional doom in the vein of Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, and Grand Magus. From the second album and onwards the music has been dominated by stoner and blues rock, yet, they never quite lost touch with their doom metal roots.