Friday, February 12, 2010

Funeral Circle - 2009 - Sinister Sacrilege

FUNERAL CIRCLE was formed in 2006 by the strange wizards PILGRIM and HERETIC with intent to seduce virgins and perform weird sacrifices in the depths of Vancouver. They evoked the cultists BLACKTHORNE and PATRIARCH to channel their black spells of thunder and lightning. Upon the departure of HERETIC in 2007, the LORD SADDLER and the GRAND INQUISITOR were beckoned to complete the circle and chant their incantations. Growing weary of destroying false metal, LORD SADDLER left later that year, and the GRAND INQUISITOR summoned his magick axe. In 2008, a cryptic demo was released on tape - limited to 100 copies. BLACKTHORNE was burned at the stake by MALPHAS, the wicked Priest, and replaced him subsequently. In the Year of the Ox, FUNERAL CIRCLE performed their most recent ritual - SINISTER SACRILEGE - soon to be released by the Miskatonic Foundation.


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