Monday, December 21, 2009

Skeletal Spectre - Tomb Coven

From Sweden, comes SKELETAL SPECTRE…3 ghastly apparitions from the voids of eternal darkness. Their goal is a simple one…to play crushing horror DOOM METAL mixed with the classic Razorback influences, putrid death metal and early low budget gory slasher flicks coupled with eerie sounds to come up with something they feel is their own. Prepare to be haunted as the band has just released their debut CD on Razorback Recordings which is titled “Tomb Coven”. Do you hear the sound of the spectre?

It’s coming for you…


  1. Razorback need to stop doing this! The horror influenced thing have just gone out of control and has become monotonous. It was okay till Hooded menace, Acid Witch and Decrepitaph. Now all of 'em sound the samey :( And also, I dislike their "I am more metal than you" attitude.

  2. Albums not that good, but a few tracks were good and catchy.