Saturday, December 12, 2009

Abdullah - Cut The Artery

Taken from the band's MySpace -

"Lost album and ep available for free download. This material was written in a transitional phase of the band between the years of 2005-2007. it is pretty much a complete departure from the stoner/alternative/doom metal we were theretofore known for. the quality of some of the tracks is dubious as a few were emailed back and forth between band members and different continents. the line-up at this point was:

Jeff Shirilla: drums, vocals, some guitars, synth
Alan Seibert: lead guitars
Aaron Dallison: guitars
Ed Stephens: bass

Josh Adkins and John Stepp played drums and guitars respectively on "dead babies" and Queenie contributed vocals and lyrics to "lost."

This material was just taking up space on a hard drive doing no one any good so i decided to share it. enjoy/hate/ignore!"


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