Saturday, December 12, 2009

Eternal Elysium - Within The Triad

Finally, finally, finally it's here !

For those who don't know, this band (kill yourself), this is a Japanese (surprise, surprise) trio that plays a mixed of spaced out, psychedelic stoner doom metal.

With this release, their 5th full length, and the first after an agonizing 4 years, they are back at doing what they do best. Right from the very beginning, you are sucked into their vacuum as the sound on this album is very very heavy but also so trippy in a Hawkwind - ish kind of way. This band have a uncanny ability to mix up sounds and influences from Sabbath,King Crimson,Black Widow,Hendrix to modern day exponents of everything from straight out Metal to Doom to Stoner to even grunge and make it work.

Get it here

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