Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dopethrone - Demonsmoke

The Throne was established in March 2008 as a completely D.I.Y. project created in the very core of Hochelaga. After only 3 weeks of legendary drunkenness and sacred bong worship, Dopethrone already composed 4 songs and was talking about an album concept... A year later, the new album: "DEMONSMOKE" was materialized. In the spirit of "Do-It-Yourself", The Logo and concept was created by Vincent (guitar - vocals), the recording by Thomas (drummer) and the CD was produced by Vyk (bassist)...

The band with a name like that, in unsurprisingly a blend of stoner and demonic sludge along with a tinge of traditional doom. With a look to back to old school sludge with the hatred and filth dripping out of the bands' amplifiers along with a certain influence of modern sludge (no, not bands like Cult Of Luna and The Ocean), this band will be loved by fans of bands such as Bongzilla and Weedeater.



  1. Sorry for posting here couldnt find a contact section, I came across your blog and thought I'd invite you to check out our FREE 2 song promo. Hopefully you'll enjoy it and post it on your blog, we're trying to get the ball rolling on word of mouth while we work on a full length album. here's all the links you could ever need, tell us what you think!

    Crawling Through Cacti http://youtu.be/Gl4DBntGf-Y
    Death Rides Southwards http://youtu.be/MTOSsHpwcjQ

    Download in MP3s http://www.mediafire.com/?71f4bnjoej8ldwn

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  2. We're supporting these guys in London - should be a blinding show!

    The Day Of Locusts